We are an international organization bringing together talent from Europe and Asia, focusing on the promotion and readership of Sustainability Reports. We believe Sustainability Reports are Books and deserve a wider distribution. Their definition of stakeholders can be widened. It will help the United Nations sustainable development goals to reach beyond the circle of each business sector into society in general. 

Our headquarters are in Sweden, a neutral country deeply involved in peace and the environment. We have been active since 2017. Our first focus is on the food and drink sector, more essential than ever with the pandemic of Covid 19. We become public with the first exhibition of Sustainability Reports at Alfred Nobel House Björkborn in September - October  2020 and the launch of our public website. www.hallbars.org

In Swedish ”hållbar” means sustainable. We focus on the reports themselves, as books. We do not rate or certify the activities of the authors and publishers of the reports. We want more readers for the reports. More and more corporations and institutions are publishing reports, a rapidly increasing trend in the past five years. Their readers have not increased as fast. From a reader point of view, these reports are a breakthrough in business books publishing, For industries and corporations, it brings together a wide range of talents,  opening and linking to society. It creates a new understanding. Finally it is at once local and international, with a common effort following the same concept.

The fast spread of Sustainability Reports around the world is one of the best positive recent  news

Photo Per-Erik Berglund