Hallbars Awards 2020


198 Reports from 53 Countries

Hallbars competition rules

1.  The objective of the Hallbars awards is to help  the promotion and distribution of sustainability reports across the world. It is hoped the focus on the awards winners will motivate the publication of more sustainability reports and will increase the engagement in sustainability.

2. The Hallbars competition rewards Sustainability reports as books. It does not rate the sustainability efforts. 

3. The Hallbars competition honors the team that made the sustainability report possible. It includes all those who are the authors, the stakeholders, the publisher.

4. There are two types of Awards. They have the right to different certificates and digital logo to put on the cover of their reports:

  • The National Winners are selected to represent their country in one category. There is only one from each country per category, except in very special cases.
  • The International  Best in the World , The Top 3 in any category are equally respected. 

5.  Anyone can enter a report in the competition. It is open to all. The annual deadline is August 20.

6.  We accept digital and/or print. We print the digital version for our exhibitions. Exhibitions show the massive international effort for sustainability.

7. The jury of the Hallbars Sustainability Reports Awards is made up of five members.

- Four members of the staff of the Hallbars Institute from Sweden, France, Spain and China

- The head of the Scientific Committee, who is German. The other members of the Scientific Committee have an important advisory role.

The names of the members of the jury and the scientific committee are kept confidential to avoid embarrassing interferences on their difficult and time consuming work.

8. - The communication of the Hallbars Awards is on www.hallbars.org

     - Every year there is a new Masterlist with all National Winners, published at the latest July 1

     -  The shortlist of Winners by countries is published in late August

     -  The Best in the World are public in October

Note  - The first award event: 

The first awards public event in 2020 will be October 21, celebrating the birthday of Alfred Nobel. It will be live at Alfred Nobel House in Karlskoga, and online for the rest of the world .

" The Hallbars Best In The World Awards are the most prestigious International recognition for sustainability reports. "


The Final step. The Best in the World are public in October 21th, the date of Alfred Nobel birthday. The International  Best in the World , The Top 3 in any category are equally respected. 

Please see the full Best In The World List 2020 below

198 Reports from 53 Countries


The Hallbars Awards 2020

The Hallbars Awards  2020 focus on the Food & Drink sector, with Best in the World from 53 countries.

France,, Sweden, The UK, The US, lead with 12 awards each, next is Germany with   8, followed by China, The  Netherlands and Switzerland with 7. The complete lists are below

You can see more details about the Best in the World by Countries

The 3 Best in All Categories


Sustainability Report 2019,

108 pages.



Responsibility Report 2019,

90 pages.


Family of wineries. Sustainability Report 2018,

152 pages.