Webinar Videos

Sustainable Gastronomy Day 6-18

"Congratulations for making history."

Alicia Maher, author

Denise Bax, Head of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, UCCN, from Paris UNESCO headquarters. ( 8 minutes)

Robert Oliver,  Pacific Island Food Revolution, from New Zealand and Fiji( 6 minutes video)

Robert Oliver is chef and TV Producer, author of the award winning book Me'a Kai (Penguin NZ)

Anders Oskal, Secretary General of World Association of Reindeer Herders, from Northern Sami Norway (4 minutes video)

"Take only what you need

Use everything that you take

Share what you have"

Presentation of mobile Arctic Food Lab

Ricky Xu, publisher, Global Gourmet magazine, in English and Chinese, from Beijing ( 1 minute)

Professor Mai-Lis Hellenius, Karolinska Institute Medical University, Sweden (8 minutes video)

Award winning author of many Health and Nutrition books

Le Cordon Bleu, Leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes

Charles Cointreau, Business Development Director (13 minutes video)